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Old Tomes from the Master’s Library


My name is Liam Stone, and I am one of the masters of the Master’s Library, a great temple of Deneir, god of scholars, cartography and books, and Scribe of Oghma, located in the Iron Dragon Mountains, between the lands of Impiltur and the Vast.


I am responsible to chronicle and gather the knowledge, texts and facts of the so called Worldwound, along with all tales related to it, especially the valliant (but failed) Crusades that the adjacent nations of Damara and Impiltur called in order to stop the hordes of demons that serve terrible and cruel Demon Lords, such as Deskari, Lord of the Locust Host.

Here I shall present to you the records of all histories, facts and important characters based upon these efforts to end the Worldwound threat from the face of Faerûn.

Please check below a brief Timeline that brings some information about the recent history of the Bloodstone Lands and the Worldwound

A Brief History of the Crusades

I shall have more information very soon. Please be my guest and have a cup of tea to continue your studies.

Main Page

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