The Forgotten Realms have several nations, kingdoms and empires that today are only but distant shadows of the glories and conquests of their predecessors of long past. While some of these descendants seek to preserve, maintain or rescue the traditions, culture and knowledge of their ancestors, others thank the gods that the mistakes practiced in another time and the forbidden lore that brought so much pain and destruction are forever buried by the implacable sands of time. Unfortunately, the occasions which an evil long lost and forgotten can rise again to threaten the fragile balance existing in the Realms are not rare, indeed.

For many centuries, some regions located in the huge continent of Faerûn were devastated by creatures and beings originated from the darkest corners of the Multiverse. Many times these monsters are summoned by the very mortals that should fear and avoid them, but are instead attracted by false promises of power, wealth and control, making them to act recklessly to bring these dark creatures to the Realms.

In a place that is today known as the Cold Lands, the barriers from the fabric of magic that surround the entire planet (known as the Weave), are weaker and thinner than the rest of the Realms, and other inferior planes like the Abyss, the Nine Hells or the Gray Waste of Hades can be easily accessed, allowing the passage of the creatures and entities that live there into the mortal world, called by sages the Prime Material Plane.

Some of the entities that enter the Prime Material Plane through these passages are powerful evil beings that seek only to bring chaos and destroy life and the creations of the gods, no matter how good or evil they are. These beings come from a plane of chaos as despair called the Abyss, and they are one of the oldest races of the Multiverse – the demons.

The most powerful of them are known as demon lords, entities so powerful that they can rule entire layers of the Abyss, project only a portion of their power (called manifestations or aspects) into the world and even grant powers and spells to their cultists and most ardent followers, rivaling the power of some deities and other beings of similar power in the Multiverse (archdevils, celestial paragons, primordial fey, etc). In a mocking way, some of these rulers nominate themselves “demon princes”, even considering that such titles hold no real meaning within the chaotic nature of their home plane.

In ages past, the ancient lords of the kingdom of Narfell had mastered the knowledge to bring such demons from the land, bidding them to their will and enslaving these dark creatures. Some even heard the whispers of the most powerful demon lords, like Orcus, the Prince of Undead; Demogorgon, the Prince of Demons; Eltab the Prince of the Hidden Layer, or Deskari, the Prince of Infestation and Locusts. In a titanic battle with its eternal rival, the kingdom of Raumathar, they unleashed a horde of demons that threatened to tear a hole in the Prime Material Plane, opening a permanent rift into the Abyss.

The people from Raumathar held a formidable knowledge of arcane arts, especially those related to the control of the elements, and their lore allowed the creation of elemental constructs and the summoning of elementals from their planes of Air, Water, Fire and Earth. In a conflict that was named by scholars later as The Great Conflagration, the armies, elementals and demons brought into a decade long war that destroyed each other as well as and their own lands, leaving only ruins and ashes behind.

However, the plans of the Demon Princes (especially Deskari) were much deeper and sinister than simply to laid waste upon one kingdom or another. To them, only the annihilation of the mortal beings, the consummation of their immaculate souls and the complete destruction of the Realms would suffice their most profound desires. To this end, Deskari knew that only a permanent passage from the Abyss to the Realms would allow such invasion, without any precedents in the Multiverse.

Sensing this danger, three deities united to protect their followers and the entire people of Faerûn, rising to challenge the imminent threat. Mystra, the goddess of Magic and the Weave (having recently being reformed from her old aspect called Mystryl); Chauntea, the goddess of life, summer and agriculture; and Mielikki, the goddess of forests, autumm and sylvan creatures understood that if Deskari’s plans had come to succeed, all the Realms would pay a terrible price. They gathered their remaining survivors and instructed them to fight against the demon followers and their cruel masters. In a battle that just followed the Great Conflagration, Mielikki sent an avatar to destroy the manifestation of Deskari on Faerûn, and Mystra and Chauntea worked together to seal all fissures of the Abyss on Faerûn, healing the land and restoring the Weave. These three goddesses would later instruct some survivors of Raumathar to protect and guard their land, not only from intruders from Faerûn, but also from demons and from other otherworld creatures as well. These first followers were women that would become the secret sisterhood of the Wychlaran, or Witches of Rashemen for the general people of the Realms, and their faith in these deities would be known as the religion of “The Three” – Bhalla (Chauntea), Mielikki and the Hidden One (Mystra).

Centuries later, other kingdoms were formed in these lands, and the memories of the struggles of the past would eventually fade and be forgotten. Other countries, like the proud nations of Damara and Impiltiur, the frozen wastelands of Vaasa, the ancient forests of the Great Dale, the mystical and savage land of Rashemen or the dreaded and arcane realm of Thay would rise into prominence, and the troubles and worries of men would bring them different problems, different threats, different enemies…

Even so, Deskari would be known by a trait not very usual for a demon – the eternal patience to wait until the right person could hear his whispers, and be shaped to become his herald, the messenger from the Usher of the Apocalypse

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